The Last Great Beasts


Olive runs into my study carrying a picture book.

“Where are all the elephants, daddy?”

“There aren’t any,” I tell her. “They all left before you were born.”


“Lots of bad people killed them.”

“And what did you do?” she says.


21 thoughts on “The Last Great Beasts

  1. That’s a punch to the gut! It’s funny, and I feel terrible saying this, but I had no idea that elephants were still endangered. I have a friend who recently got involved with ‘saving the elephants’ and was so sad to hear that the ivory trade thrives on.


    • It’s true. We pass the burden of responsibility. It’s strange how previous generations all thought they were bringing their children into a world that was better than the one they grew up in (even if that thinking was misguided), whereas, I know if I have kids the world they inherit will be worse than the one I came into.


  2. This is all the more heartbreaking following the news this week that one of the six remaining African rhinos was just killed. What indeed are we doing!? Love the way you brought the focus in from a problem out there to something personal and immediate.


    • Ugh… that is so sad. I know that some of these species are kept alive in zoos and nature preserves, but that’s not the same as a wild animal. I don’t ever need to see an elephant or rhino in the wild, but just knowing that they are there makes this world a better place. The world gets a little darker every time that changes.


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