The Clod In The Casket


“There is no reason not to predict and prevent your own death when you can self-diagnose with WebMD.”

“You’re right. He only has himself to blame.”

“It was definitely Crohn’s that got him.”

“Could’ve been lupus.”

“Lupus, sure. And it’s so treatable.”


12 thoughts on “The Clod In The Casket

    • That’s exactly how I feel about my appointment this Friday. I think I actually said aloud upon discovering WebMD, “how come nobody told me about this?” (Said very sarcastically). I can never narrow down my symptoms on the site so I assume I have EVERYTHING.

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  1. Meg

    Did you watch a lot of House, by chance? I could totally see my husband and I having this conversation based on the number of times we’ve seen every episode of House. 😉 I, too, liked the dialogue as format.


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